Earth art: Jan Dibbets, Hans Haacke, Neil Jenney, Richard Long, David Medalla, Robert Morris,
Dennis Oppenheim, Robert Smithson, Günther Uecker

Published in 1970, the exhibition catalogue includes a foreword by Thomas W. Leavitt (1930–2010), then the director of the A. D. White Museum of Art; essays by Sharp and William C. Lipke, then professor of art history at Cornell University; artist biographies; transcripted excerpts from a symposium on earth art held at Cornell on February 6, 1969; and more than forty black-and-white photographs.

Artists represented in the catalogue
Jan Dibbets (Dutch, born 1941)
Hans Haacke (German, born 1936)
Neil Jenney (American, born 1945)
Richard Long (British, born 1945)
David Medalla (Filipino, born 1942)
Robert Morris (American, born 1931)
Dennis Oppenheim (American, 1938–2011)
Robert Smithson (American, 1938–1973)
Günther Uecker (German, born 1930)

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at
Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art
Cornell University
11 February - 16 March 16, l969
Edited by Nita Jager