Connor McNicholas

American, b. 1990, Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


2015     MFA, ICP-Bard, Queens, NY


2018     Connor McNicholas, (solo), Material Art Fair, Mexico City, presented by M23, New York (forthcoming)

             A Center Such as This, (solo), M23, New York, NY

2017     The August Show, with Maximilian Schubert, Nils Bleibtreu, Evan Robarts
             Jacob Bjørn, Aarhus, Denmark

2016     In All the White the Wall Is, (solo), Super Dakota, Brussels, Belgium
             ob-iectum sub-iectum, with Ian Law, Jens Einhorn, Lindsay Lawson, Strauss Bourque-LaFrance, Tomas Downes
             Tobias Naehring, Leipzig, Germany
            Come As You Are, with Jenny Brosinski, Jonathan Chapline, Josh Dihle, Jens Einhorn, Arielle Falk, Eric Shaw,
            Gergo Szinyova, Cody Tumblin, and Simone Zaccagini
            Annarumma, Naples, Italy

              Inside-out, with Jonathan Binet, Alina Chaiderov, Stephen Felton, Jess Fuller, Benoit Plateus
             Berthold Pott, Cologne, Germany

2015     The Essential Bruce Springsteen, with Peter Bonde, Peppi Bottrop, Olafur Elisasson, Max Frintrop, Freddie Lerche,
             Landon Metz, Albert Mertz, Lawrence Weiner
             Andersen's, Copenhagen, Denmark

              Lighght, with Joachim Bandau, Alex Clarke, Luke Diiorio, Dean Levin, Bruce Nauman, Fred Sandback
             Super Dakota, Brussels, Belgium


2016      Frieze, "Critic's Guide: Brussels", Ellen Mara De Wachter, 05 September 2016

2015      Copenhagen Contemporary, “Q&A with Connor McNicholas”, November, 2015

2015      Elephant Magazine, "Joachim Bandau, Luke Diiorio, Connor McNicholas, Bruce Nauman, Fred Sandback",  
             September 2015


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